2017 Videos

Jo Techniques

How to connect with Uke's Centre

Jo Work

How to do Ude-Kime-Nage

how to do Ushiro Ikkyo

How to do Sumi Otoshi and kokyo

How to do Kokyo Nage

kokyo-nage in slow motion

tenkan practice

Kaiten Nage

second form ikkyo

Mai Ukemi

more Kokyo Nage

Wrist out turn

just turn

lesson in leading


balance point (corner drop)


Leading with the Hand

Looking for a turning point

more balance breaking

a bit more Kokyo

windmill throw

ikkyo from yokomen

Kaiten-Nage from first form

Ushiro Kokyo from Kata

The Way 1993

constructive use of energy

A Class night

ushiro sankyo

Billy. a short film

Irimi -m Nage

Reverse pull down

Sacrifice Throw





full lesson

some Jo

Aiden's Grading 2000

Grading Day : 2000

Tyne Tees TV

full lesson in Nikkyo

ikkyo and sankyo

kaiten 1

kaiten 2

Jo Sankyo

train the hips

Hips 2

Jo Kaiten

more jo and kokyo


Slow motion Aikido

Aikido demo

Ushiro Shiho-Nage

Ikkyo into Shiho=Nage


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