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A journey for him which can never be completed, only travelled forever.


1967 - 2015

Colin died on the 13th August 2015. He is, and will always be sadly missed.

He started his  training  Aikido summer 2008 with his son Sam and his wife Lynne.

Lynne got to 5th kyu before family commitments forced her to stop. Colin carried on to get to 1st Dan and then completed his 2nd Dan recently. His love of Aikido was very big in his life and he would often say it was his stress buster. He was going on to train for his 3rdDan which would have
taken him another couple of years. Commitments dictated that he could not always get to club, but he never missed a private session and had many hours in. His black belts are not a mark or symbol of the end of his journey to his mastery of Aikido, rather it is the mark that he is done packing for his journey and may now take the first step in his  true journey.

This a journey for him which can never be completed, only travelled forever.


3rd Dan Award


Colin with Stokoe Sensei

Some people pass through your life as do you theirs.

When someone you know and hold deeply as a friend dies,

your day to day living gets thrown into turmoil and sadness.

When you have trained Aikido with someone,

had those “Light Bulb moments together

and then tragically taken from us all,

it leaves a pain that only time it’s said will make bearable.

Stokoe 2015

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